French idioms that use body parts are a fun way to learn the language. 1 2 Here are some examples:

idiomliteral translationEnglish equivalent
Ne pas avoir la langue dans sa pocheto not have your tongue in your pocketto never be at a loss for words
Rebattre les oreillesto beat the earsto harp on about something
Avoir le cœur sur la mainto have the heart on the handto wear your heart on your sleeve
Se creuser la têteto dig in one’s headto rack your brains
Les doigts dans le nezfingers in the nosewith one hand tied behind your back, to be a piece of cake
Prendre ses jambes à son couto take one’s legs to one’s neckto run for your life
Avoir le bras longto have a long armto be well connected
Mettre le pied à l’étrierto put the foot in the stirrupto get a foot on the ladder
Coûter les yeux de la têteto cost the eyes of the headto cost an arm and a leg
Sauter aux yeuxto jump to the eyesto be blindingly obvious
Manger sur la pouceto eat on the thumbto eat on the run
Dormir sur ses deux oreillesto sleep on two earsto sleep soundly, like a log
Prendre son courage à deux mainsto take one’s courage in two handsto pluck up the courage
Avoir les dents qui rayent le parquetto have teeth that scrape the parquetto be power hungry
Avoir un cheveu sur la langueto have a hair on the tongueto lisp