French GreetingEnglish Meaning
BonjourHello (formal, any time of day)
SalutHi (informal)
BonsoirGood evening
Bonne nuitGood night (when going to bed)
Au revoirGoodbye
À bientôtSee you soon
À plus tardSee you later
CoucouHey there (very informal)
Enchanté(e)Nice to meet you
Comment allez-vous?How are you? (formal)
Comment ça va?How’s it going? (informal)
Ça va?How are you? / Are you okay? (very informal)
Bon matinGood morning (mostly used in Quebec)
Bonne journéeHave a good day
Bonne soiréeHave a good evening
À demainSee you tomorrow
À la prochaineUntil next time
Ravi(e) de vous rencontrerDelighted to meet you
AllôHello (when answering the phone)